A powerful, natural sanitizer.

Puresafe is a uniquely formulated cleaner and sanitizer that kills common viruses and
 99.9% of germs and bacteria. This high performance spray is made from natural based and fully edible ingredients as approved by the USA Food and Drug administration (FDA). It will help you to protect everyone and effectively prevent the transfer of harmful nasties.

The unique sugar ester emulsifier is food grade and when mixed with natural based ethyl alcohol you now have a product that cleans the surface and sanitizers at the same time. 
All the ingredients are from sustainable and renewable sources and this product is manufactured in an Environmental Choice approved facility. Puresafe is also GE Free.

250ml Sanitizer

500ml Sanitizer

50ml Sanitizer

Hand Gel Sanitizer

Puresafe is safe to use

on toys

Including soft toys

around children

Babies goods, toddlers toys

on all surfaces

In your environment

on furniture

Chairs, tables and more

at the office

Stop the spread of germs

in your home

Protect your family

in public

Buses, planes or trains

About Puresafe

Can you pronounce the names of the ingredients on the back of your sanitizer or cleaner? Do you know most common sanitizers are nearly impossible to understand? Not ours!

We have created (or should we say we have invented) the perfect natural sanitizer, it only has 3 ingredients (we are confident your 5 year old can say the words), is stronger than anything on the market (yup, we have research), has approval from the guys in the States (we call them the FDA or USA Food and Drug Administration) and its completely natural.

So how did we come up with this? Years of sneaking into the lab after hours working with one of the best white wearers in NZ (or maybe the world), designing a sanitizer from a unique sugar ester, naturally based alcohol (from cows, and NZ cows produce some of the best alcohol. They are happiest cows around) that both cleans and sanitizes.

All Puresafe branded ingredients are sustainable, made in an Environmental Choice approved location, Puresafe will help you to protect everyone and effectively prevent the transfer of harmful nasties (those little bugs and diseases that leave you feeling yuck). This spray will coat the surface and protect you and your family!

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